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[hyades-dev] Requirements Group/Council

THose of you who have been following the more detailed aspects of the 
recent restructuring will know that the new PMC has a Requirements Group 
which I chair and Eclipse itself has a Requirements Council which I 
attend representing the PMC. The Eclipse Requirements Council is due to 
meet at the end of this month (in fact Tyler Thessin will cover for me) 
but the PMC Requirements Group will not meet until the end of the 
following month.

Our last disucssion of requirements occurred at the Hyades face to face 
in May, and fed into our planning cycle for 3.x->4.0 I imagine that the 
discussions at the Eclipse Requirements Council will go beyond that 

I am now soliciting any new requirements which are emerging within the 
scope of the TPTP PMC, and particularly any which impact on other parts 
of Eclipse.

Feed back either on this mailing list or direct to me or Tyler.