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Re: [higgins-dev] Questions about RPPS and STS configuration

just a quick suggestion: why not have all components use the property org.eclipse.higgins.sts.conf (or some similar prop) for their conf location and have it (the property) default to ~/.higgins ? This seems more consistent to me.

Best regards,
  --Christopher Taylor

David Campos schrieb:
Thanks for your reply Alexander, I was just curious to know why it was placed on $HOME and not on another public folder. Anyway now I know something that I didn't knew: that I can change the default location.

About token lifetime modification through configuration files, is that possible?

David Campos

On Mon, Dec 21, 2009 at 18:18, Alexander Yuhimenko <AYuhimenko@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:AYuhimenko@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Hello David,

    Some of RPPS components  use configuration files located
     $HOME/.higgins, some other depend on
     -Dorg.eclipse.higgins.sts.conf property.

    if you'd like to put ~.higgins to different location, you may set
    user.home java property like  -Duser.home="/usr/etc/higgins".

    Alexander Yuhimenko

    On Mon, 21 Dec 2009 17:42:30 +0100
    David Campos <noymn.the.archangel@xxxxxxxxx
    <mailto:noymn.the.archangel@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

     > Hello all,
     > I would like to ask you two questions about Higgins architecture.
    There is
     > one about RPPS component and another about Higgins STS Token
     > The RPPS question is about why the configuration should be placed
    at the
     > user profile and not in a simple folder. Maybe is not a big
    issue, since
     > that webapp should be launched from a server side and over an
    Unix OS (the
     > problems deploying on Windows with user profiles are crazy) and
    the folder
     > should not be an issue but over a Windows Server would mean that
    the user
     > profile could not be available for all users. There is any
    special reason?
     > By the other hand, the question about STS Configuration is
    oriented to
     > configure Higgins STS in order to specify token lifetime. I have
    seen that
     > on TokenHandler there is a use of the class IRequestSecurityToken
    in order
     > to get the LifeTime. There is any way to change this value from
    the default
     > 7 days to 1 hour?
     > Thanks for your replies.
     > Regards
     > ---
     > David Campos
     > Safelayer Secure Communications
     > DMAG UPC Researcher

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