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Re: [higgins-dev] Current status about Android I-Card Selector


Android I-Card Selector is at development progress now. It may be included into Higgins M.8 release.

Current status:

   org.eclipse.higgins.android.icard.npapi - rc, but needs clean up.
   org.eclipse.higgins.android.icard.selector - alpha version,
   features: viewing and selecting cards.
   org.eclipse.higgins.android.icard.service - alpha version, features:
   communicate with card provider, storing cards (and some settings)
   onto device.

Main difference between Android Selector and iPhone's is less functionality: Android's Selector can't manage and delete cards. Other difference is that Android Selector consists of three components that's working as one application.

You need the following tools and components for building Android I-Card Selector:

   Android SDK (http://developer.android.com/) (I recommend to install
   Eclipse with ADT);
   Android's source (http://source.android.com/) - about 2 Gb;
   Eclipse with CDT plugin (it is possible gmake or other for building
   c projects);

Instructions for building:

   add ksoap2-android-full.jar
   (http://code.google.com/p/ksoap2-android/) in classpath of service
   build selector and service as simple Android applications;
   change ANDROID_BUILD_TOP property (in C/C++ Build -> Environment) of
   npapi project with path to your Android's sources;
   build npapi project as C/C++ project (with run Android' emulator);

Denis Migol


I want to try Android I-Card Slector, but executable package is not

Before downloading and building the following projects, I want to begin
with figuring out current features, status and roadmap...

I've already used iPhone Selector. If feasible, please let me know...
 what differences are there between Android Selector and iPhone's one?
 Is there any instruction for building Android Selector

Thanks to all