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Re: [higgins-dev] Intent of Policy in Higgins 1.1

Title: Re: [higgins-dev] Intent of Policy in Higgins 1.1

That was a bug. I’ve fixed it in (upcoming) 1.1.107. The RDF Label now reads “Policy”. The Policy class is the superclass of the “AccessControl” class.


On 4/16/09 9:46 AM, "David Kuehr-McLaren" <dkuehrmc@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


The RDF Label on the Policy object in the HOWL1-1-106.rdf file says the Policy object is an Access Control Policy.  Is that true (there is a subclass for access control), or is the Policy object a base object that can apply as the parent class to other policy types?



David Kuehr-McLaren
Tivoli Security