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Re: [higgins-dev] getModel interface

IContextModel.getMOcel(URI) predates IContext.getModel(URI).

From what I remember, we discussed adding IContext.getModel(URI), but what happened is that someone added IContextModel.getModel(URI).  I later added IContext.getModel(URI) per my understanding of the discussion, and I decided to leave IContextModel.getModel(URI) in case anyone was using it.

I can agree with removing IContext.getModel(URI).  Anything we can do to keep the interfaces simple/less bloated is good.

I'll remove it unless anyone objects.


>>> "Tom Doman" <tdoman@xxxxxxxxxx> 12/14/07 5:21 PM >>>
This interface is required to be implemented on both IContext and IContextModel.  Why?

If I have do implement it in both places, I'd have the IContext version call getContextModel() and call it's getModel().  Which begs the question, why is there?

I like getModel() on IContextModel but others may have wanted it on IContext for some reason.  Does anyone have a strong feeling and\or recollection of why this came out so?


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