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Re: [higgins-dev] STS remnants in configuration code

Yes, that's true.  Mike, do you want to take out the system property code altogether and use the setConfigurationBase method instead?   (One other place is the "STSConfiguration" string passed into mapHandler.getSettings.)

I also just realized that the handlers in Configuration.xml will have to be changed to reflect the change in package name: configuration.common to configuration.xml.  (You probably already knew this.)

Do you want me to change the code to be more generic, or do you want to do this so that it coordinates with the changes in the STS code?


Tom Doman wrote:

There are several STS references left in the configuration code but I think most of them are just in comments.  However, I did find one that we need to fix and genericize.  In org.eclipse.higgins.configuration.xml, ConfigurationHandler.configure(), the system property used and other references are still STS specific.


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