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[higgins-dev] STS @ https://higgins.eclipse.org/TokenService/index.html

Thanks to Paula Austel, the STS is finally running at 
Currently, it uses an SSL certificate issued by my own test CA (obviously 
not trusted by your browser - I hope).
I am not sure what is involved (other than $) in getting a "real" SSL 
certificate for the higgins.eclipse.org server, but we ought to get one 
(using someone else's $).

Until then, you will have to add the CA certificate into the windows 
trusted store:
Use IE7 to go to "https://higgins.eclipse.org/TokenService/index.html";.
You will see the "There is a problem with this website's security 
certificate." page.
Select "Continue to this website (not recommended)."
Select the "Certificate Error" (in red to right of URL).
On the "Untrusted Certificate" popup, select "View certificates".
On the "Certificate" popup, select the "Certification Path" tab.
Select the "Root CA" certificate, then select "View Certificate".
On the "Certificate" popup, select "Install Certificate".
On the "Certificate Import Wizard", select "Next", "Next", "Finish".
On the "Security Warning" popup, select "Yes".
Close the browser and return to 
Verify that the "There is a problem with this website's security 
certificate." page does not appear.