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[higgins-dev] Higgins status?

Hi all. I'm interested in using Higgins components to build a CardSpace-compatible managed information card provider as well as the relevant relying party tidbits required to process the security token containing claims delivered by the Windows CardSpace identity selector. Are the Higgins components mature enough to be used to:

1. Issue an ic:InformationCard document indicating STS authn via any of (1) username/password, (2) self-issued credential, or (3) X.509 V3 cert suitable for use by Windows CardSpace.

2. Build an STS capable of authenticating a Windows CardSpace service requester via any of (1) username/password, (2) a security token containing a PPID generated by the Windows CardSpace Self-issued Identity Provider, or (3) X.509 V3 cert.

3. Following this authentication, issue a SAML security token containing various claims.

4. Process this SAML security token in a relying party to extract the claims.

Naturally, this involved a mess of WS-Trust, WS-MEX, WS-SecureConversation, WS-SecurityPolicy, etcetera. Are these bits and pieces implemented in Higgins, and do they interop with Windows CardSpace?

My timeframe is fairly short (a small number of weeks), so I'm really interested in what's there now rather than what future goals for the project are.

Many thanks,
		Greg Thompson