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Re: [higgins-dev] OID and name uniqueness

Tom Doman wrote:
Thanks Mark! A couple of questions:

2. On issue 2, would you suggest then that I prefix the schema
> with the server address the schema was mapped from to help
> mitigate the issue you raise?  e.g.
> ldap://servername:port#  I'd hate to do that
> for every server especially when most of the "multiple LDAP servers"
> share the exact same schema.  I guess we could do some inspection
> against known or our "preferred" definitions and only tag the ones
> that differ from that.

Yep, where a schema element's definition matches that of the
standards, using a shorter URI for the OID would make sense.

BTW what do you specify as the 'domain' for an LDAP operational

3. I've been doing a little reading on your tool schemat on
> ldap.com and see that the source code is available there.
> Do you have an output sample you'd be willing to post or send?

Yes I've been running the (LDIF-style) schema from the LDAPv3 RFCs
through schemat's LDIF-to-OWL converter - still some bugs, but I'll
gather the RDF output files this weekend.

Mark Wahl
Informed Control Inc.