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Re: [gmf-dev] GMF on Juno


You should be able to edit it through CVS  /cvsroot/org.eclipse 

When you commit a change it gets reflected on the website (it might take several minutes but it's generally fast)


Le 07/12/2011 11:16, Aurélien Pupier a écrit :

thanks for the information.
I flipped the bit for GMF-Runtime.
Someone for GMF-Notation?

About project plan, there is already a link to http://www.eclipse.org/modeling/gmp/gmf-runtime/project-info/plan.xml
How to edit this file?
Or should we use the wiki that you pointed? Opinions on the best way to do it are welcome :-)


2011/12/7 Mickael Istria <mickael.istria@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On 07/12/2011 09:20, Aurélien Pupier wrote:

Just noticed that GMF-Runtime and GMF-Notation didn't "flip the bit" (to reuse Wayne Beaton _expression_") for Juno release.
Who has the right to do it? How to do it?
I think you and any committer have the right to do it.
Go to portal.eclipse.org, click on the gmf project, then "maintain" project meta-data, expand "simultaneous release", and put "1" in front of "juno".

In the mail from Wayne on the cross-project mailing-list about simultaneous release, there is something that seems very important:
"You are required to provide a project plan (please include a link to the project plan in the release record in the project metadata)."

I think all GMF projects have to work on this. I created these page with subpages to provide such link. Please fill them according to your roadmap: http://wiki.eclipse.org/Graphical_Modeling_Framework/Versions


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