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Re: [gemini-dev] Gemini DBAccess: Hudson build and p2 Update Site of the Last Successful Build

Hi Juergen,

I just found that you are not registering the mysql service with osgi.jdbc.driver.class property. you are using only the osgi.jdbc.driver.name. This way Gemini JPA can't find this service:

{org.osgi.service.jdbc.DataSourceFactory}={osgi.jdbc.driver.name=MySQL, service.id=39}
  Registered by bundle: org.eclipse.gemini.dbaccess.mysql_1.1.0.201202221656 [17]
  No bundles using service.

Derby is ok:
org.eclipse.gemini.dbaccess.derby_1.1.0.201202221656 [20]
  Id=20, Status=ACTIVE      Data Root=/Users/cvgaviao/Workspaces/jbehave-osgi-examples-indigo/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.pde.core/TestJPA/org.eclipse.osgi/bundles/20/data
  Registered Services
    {org.osgi.service.jdbc.DataSourceFactory}={osgi.jdbc.driver.class=org.apache.derby.jdbc.EmbeddedDriver, osgi.jdbc.driver.version=3.0, osgi.jdbc.driver.name=Derby, service.id=40}
    {org.osgi.service.jdbc.DataSourceFactory}={osgi.jdbc.driver.class=org.apache.derby.jdbc.ClientDriver, osgi.jdbc.driver.version=3.0, osgi.jdbc.driver.name=Derby, service.id=41}
    {org.osgi.service.jdbc.DataSourceFactory}={osgi.jdbc.driver.class=org.apache.derby.jdbc.EmbeddedDriver, osgi.jdbc.driver.version=4.0, osgi.jdbc.driver.name=Derby, service.id=42}
    {org.osgi.service.jdbc.DataSourceFactory}={osgi.jdbc.driver.class=org.apache.derby.jdbc.ClientDriver, osgi.jdbc.driver.version=4.0, osgi.jdbc.driver.name=Derby, service.id=43}
  No services in use.
  No exported packages



On 26/02/12 20:23, Kissner, Juergen wrote:

Hi Cristiano,

thanks for interest in DBAccess.


I am not sure I exactly understand your suggestion. Do you like us to offer MySQL and (the latest version of) Derby through the eclipse orbit? For Derby this should not be a problem. For MySQL the GPL license is, as far as I can tell, not compatible with the Eclipse license.


Best Regards,




I very briefly tried to look into you projects that your mentioned below. A quick check to sync and build your Utils  did not work for me (my maven version is 3.0.3):

>  mvn clean verify -P p2-all

complained about a non-existing file .options in com.c4biz.osgiutils.configuration.tests directory. However, I did not have the time for a closer look…




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Subject: Re: [gemini-dev] Gemini DBAccess: Hudson build and p2 Update Site of the Last Successful Build


Hi Juergen,

what do you think about to include two more features in this p2. one for derby and another for mysql drivers ?

Derby already exists on orbit, but an old one...

I already did this in my own p2 https://github.com/cvgaviao/osgi-utils/tree/master/com.c4biz.osgiutils.feature.mysql and https://github.com/cvgaviao/osgi-utils/tree/master/com.c4biz.osgiutils.feature.derby

if you think it is valid let me know that I migrate it to dbaccess...



On 22/02/12 19:32, Kissner, Juergen wrote:

The name of the Hudson build job for DBAccess has changed from gemini-dbaccess-1.1-snapshot to gemini-dbaccess, leading to a new URL [1]. Please note that this also affects the URL of the p2 update site of the last successful build [2].







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