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[gemini-dev] Re: Weekly Gemini meeting

I can make at most 30 minutes at the times below since I give someone a lift at 5pm sharp each day and try not to plan regular meetings that extend beyond 5pm.

I hope 30 minutes would be sufficient for most of these meetings...

On 29 Mar 2010, at 04:05, Mike Keith wrote:

> Hi all,
> It was suggested that we have a weekly meeting at least for a little bit 
> to help everyone get the project code committed initially and to keep 
> the projects progressing. It would be nice if the mentors could also 
> attend to help sort out any process issues that come up and to help 
> people get past any potential barriers.
> We have people in Europe (GMT for Glyn and I believe Costin is GMT+1?), 
> as well as GMT-5, and GMT-8, so we are kind of spread out, spanning 9 
> hours. If we picked 4:30pm GMT, that would be 5:30pm GMT+1 on the one 
> end and 8:30am Pacific time on the other. Perhaps the people at both 
> ends of the temporal spectrum should be the ones to commit to a time 
> since they are the ones likely to be slightly off-hours. The 4:30pm GMT 
> time would be 11:30am Eastern, which I could make on Monday, Thursday or 
> Friday.
> Can others please shout out your meeting day and time 
> preferences/availability?
> Thanks,
> -Mike