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Re: [gef-dev] Interest in GEF-Web?

On 03/21/2012 09:46 PM, Vineet Sinha wrote:
> Frank,
> Glad to hear of the work. We should join forces.

Sure. :-) 

> Did you do this work on top of our GEF-GWT prototype
> (http://www.architexa.com/about/labs/gef) that we demo'ed a couple of
> years ago or did you start this effort from scratch. The main
> challenge that we hit when using GWT was performance of large amounts of

>From scratch.

> Javascript in the browser when you had a project using a fair amount
> of GEF functionality. Have you guys been able to get around this yet?

The footprint is around 1 MB of compressed JavaScript. Browsers got a
lot faster recently. How does it feel for you? What about the load time?
What about the snappiness when using it?

> We are currently working on having most of the code running server
> side, with draw updates being pushed to the client as well as custom
> code for performance optimizations.

We decided to put the client on the client. I have done a lot with RAP
and I really like it. But if the network is nasty, a RAP UI will get
really slow. GEFGWT can work completely offline. You only need some way
to load and save your model.