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[geclipse-user] Re: [calice-vo-users] g-Eclipse

(resending, seems to not have gone through)

Hello Lars,

> > as it is a very powerfull tool, I'd like to make use of g-Eclipse for
> > accessing our grid ressources. The calice VO is already entered in the


> > central database for import, but it is incomplete: the 'information
> > system endpoint' is missing. I entered
> > "https://ilc-wms.desy.de:7443/glite_wms_wmproxy_server";, and it works
> > as so for, that there is no error message. But I cannot see any of the
> > ce's or se's.

you shoud modify the Information System endpoint in your 'calice'  VO 

For this go to 
  Window / Preference / g-Eclipse / VO Declarations 
and there select your VO, and click 'Edit'

In the Services / Information System Endpoint enter

where <BDII-FQDN> has to be replaced by the fully quallified hostname of the 
info-system (a BDII, not a WMS!)

BTW: the VO should be named exactly as in the VOMS server, ie, if you 
create a VO inside gEclipse named "test-calice" it will try to filter from 
the information system the resources supporting the "test-calice" vo, which 
doesn't exist...

> A possible BDII coluid be
>    grid-bddi.desy.de:2170

that should probably read   "bdii" instead of "bddi" :-)

Hope it helps!

Cheers, Ariel