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Re: [equinox-dev] simpleconfigurator and bundle state

This is simpleconfigurator working as designed. The bundles.info is supposed to contain the state of the framework. Each time simpleconfigurator is activated on startup it checks to see if the state of the bundles are consistent with what bundles.info contains. It starts every bundle it thinks should be started. In most cases this is a no-op because the bundle is already marked for start from the previous run. Similarly, if you uninstalled a bundle it would re-install the bundle.

I suggest you ask a question on the p2-dev list on how to manipulate the bundles.info file to change the bundle start settings.

BTW, it sounds like simpleconfigurator may have a bug WRT to starting a bundle that bundles.info does not think should be started. In this case it seems simpleconfigurator is not detecting the extra bundle being started which bundles.info thinks should not be started.


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[equinox-dev] simpleconfigurator and bundle state


I have a question regarding the simple-configurator. What I would like
to do is:

- I have an eclipse-based app
- I wanna let the runtime start a bundle by default
- If I stop this bundle, it shouldn't be started again at next startup
- If I start this bundle again, it should be started again at next startup

So what I thought is that this should be the default behavior of the
OSGi runtime (except the default start of a specific bundle). But I
observe that the simple configurator is starting the bundle always, if
this is mentioned in the bundles.info with true. When I stop the bundle
manually and restart the app, the bundle is started again. This confuses
me since I expected the OSGi runtime to return the app to the state of
its last run.

When I switch the setting within the bundles.info to "false", everything
works fine (as I expected from the OSGi point of view) except that the
bundle is obviously not started at first startup.

Any idea how I can solve this?

Thanks a lot in advance!!!


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