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Re: [equinox-dev] new website

Hey Jeff,

Last night I converted over a mess of the Equinox website to the new format.  I tried to get all the "popular" pages. Please do the following:

- Look at the  site and see if there are any things missing or messed up.
- Check that the pages of interest to your work have been converted.  If they haven't, convert them (see below) or talk to me.

This is great!!!
I will take a look at the Equinox Weaving part, it deserves some rework anyway.



How to convert. Basically we just changed how the "wrapper" is setup and how sections are delineated. - Find a file that is converted. Say equinox/resources.php - copy the beginning lines down to the "midcolumn" line - replace the first part of the old file with the new beginning. NOTE: you will want to preserve the pageTitle and pageKeywords variable settings of the old file - grab the last few lines (EOHTML down) from a new file and replace everything after the last</div> in the old file. - save, commit and enjoy

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