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[equinox-dev] new website

Last night I converted over a mess of the Equinox website to the new format.  I tried to get all the "popular" pages. Please do the following:

- Look at the  site and see if there are any things missing or messed up.  
- Check that the pages of interest to your work have been converted.  If they haven't, convert them (see below) or talk to me.


How to convert. Basically we just changed how the "wrapper" is setup and how sections are delineated.
- Find a file that is converted.  Say equinox/resources.php
- copy the beginning lines down to the "midcolumn" line
- replace the first part of the old file with the new beginning. NOTE: you will want to preserve the pageTitle and pageKeywords variable settings of the old file
- grab the last few lines (EOHTML down) from a new file and replace everything after the last </div> in the old file.
- save, commit and enjoy