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[equinox-dev] Is there a way to capture BundleExceptions?

I'm developing on top of Equinox and couldn't find a way to capture or listen to BundleExceptions raised by the framework. More specifically, I want to capture bundle exceptions thrown when bundles cannot be resolved due to any cause, for example missing constraints. Later on, I'll display a dialog with all bundle exceptions to help me debug these issues.

I've used equinox outside Eclipse and was able to capture all bundle exceptions there since I was the one discovering bundles, installing and starting some of them, but now that I'm lauching a product from within eclipse I can't find a way to listen for those exceptions... I've looked into adaptohooks but none of them seem to help.

Please let me know how to accomplish this, I have looked into this extensively and would greatly appreciate any clues you might have.

Thank you!
Eduardo Born