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Re: [equinox-dev] concurrent.future provisional api

Hi Scott,

I am glad to hear you have been making good use of the concurrent.future package in ECF. Unfortunately I don't see us being able to commit to fully reviewing the API in the last two weeks of M7 to allow it to become API for Helios. This will have to wait until the next release. Please open a bug report requesting the graduation of the API for next release. We should plan to get it done in an early milestone (M1 or M2).

At least the package is not in some "internal" named package so when we do make it real API we will not be automatically breaking clients. Only if we find something that must change will clients be broken when it becomes API.


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[equinox-dev] concurrent.future provisional api

Hi Folks,

The org.eclipse.equinox.concurrent bundle has a package in it:  
org.eclipse.equinox.concurrent.future that is exported, but is currently
x-internal:="true" since it's been considered provisional since being
introduce Jan 2009.  I would like to consider removing x-internal="true"
for Helios.

ECF has been using the provisional API for about 1 year now for our
remote service API async/messaging support and for discovery API, and so
far the usage has not generated any required changes.

So please let me know how/if this could be done.


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