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[equinox-dev] p2 vs. equinox newsgroups?

This may have been discussed before, but the times they are a changing...

I was reading about the FUDForum front end for Eclipse newsgroups [1] and decided to give it a testdrive [2].

While looking at the forums listed underneath Eclipse Projects, I noticed "P2 dev." I had forgotten that p2 had its own newsgroup (it is empty). We may have said in the past that it wasn't worth using until we had a larger user base, more questions, etc. Up to now, we've been using the equinox newsgroup.

So should we revisit the question of having our own newsgroup and start redirecting p2-dev user questions and equinox news questions to a p2 newsgroup?
Either way, we probably want to change the way things are now. If we use the newsgroup, we should probably just call it "p2" (without the "dev"). If we don't want the newsgroup, we should probably get it deleted, as it's definitely more visible in the new "community forum" front end.

My opinion would be to use the newsgroup, but I may be a minority case. Currently I find myself participating very sporadically in the equinox newsgroup. Partly because I don't use Thunderbird for anything else and am not disciplined about checking for questions I can answer, but also partly because the scope of the newsgroup is so general. My first excuse is going to go away, but I still think I'd be more active in answering p2 user questions if the newsgroup were more targeted.

With the new front end, we may see more users participating in the newsgroups overall so it seemed worth bringing up...


[1] http://dev.eclipse.org/blogs/eclipsewebmaster/2009/07/22/newsgroups-no-way-lets-call-them-something-else/
[2] http://www.eclipse.org/forums/