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Re: [equinox-dev] normalized jar

The contents of the jar should be bit-wise the same, so the only difference between pre & post pack (for a previously conditioned jar), if any, would be in the format of the jar itself.  Differences could be, for example, in size & crc information for a given zip entry appearing before or after the entry itself.  I'm not sure that these differences would amount to a size difference for the jar.

In the case of nested jars which are checked against their containers, we do need the jars to be bitwise the same even in jar format.  For this reason, the jarProcessor in eclipse does an additional "normalization" step which is different from the pack200 -repack conditioning.

If you are getting differences after unpack, you may not actually be using pack200 conditioned/normalized jars, or something went wrong in that -repack  normalization step.


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10/07/2008 03:58 PM

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[equinox-dev] normalized jar

Should the size of the jar ( Normalized and signed jar ) be the same pre-packand post-unpack ?

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