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Re: [equinox-dev] New API method in ECF (org.eclipse.ecf.identity) since 3.4M6

Hi Olivier,

This utility method was added as part of a bug fix to one of our provider bundles, and the committer didn't initially realize that the 6 ECF bundles going into the platform integration build were now under API freeze.

When he realized that this method was added to a bundle under API freeze he removed the method and it's no longer present (in M7). But it did get into the integration build, since it's done automatically and I didn't know about the change until after the integration build had occurred.

So this isn't deliberate...ECF has as a policy to freeze the API on these bundles at M6+0...in keeping with the platform. It was simply an honest mistake. My apologies for causing work for everyone.

LMK if I should do something more/other to resolve this.


Olivier Thomann wrote:

I noticed in the last integration build that a new method org.eclipse.ecf.core.util.StringUtils#String replaceAllIgnoreCase(String, String, String) has been added since 3.4M6. It is located in the bundle org.eclipse.ecf.identity.
This is considered to be a new API added after API freeze and therefore it would require PMC approval.

I don't know whether ecf bundles are part of the API freeze or not. If not, then I should add this entry to the exclude list.
If yes, then it would be nice to send a note to the eclipse-pmc mailing list to request approval for the new API with a bug report associated with this change.

The template is:


- https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=myBugID



Like this we can then add it to the exclude list with the appropriate bug id reference and we have a tracecability of API changes post 3.4M6a.

Thank you,

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