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Re: [equinox-dev] [prov] Participation opportunity

Yeah, I see your point. It really belongs as some kind of "Remote Communication UI Support" stuff available for all plug-ins. Especially now that ECF is in the SDK via p2....
I could imagine the day when

- update sites, CVS repos, etc. are all using ECF
- all of these things use the same security services (secure storage, a common authentication UI service)
- they all use a remote job family with it's own download-manager style progress reporting, meaning all jobs doing remote communication can be paused/resumed/configured
- a generic discovery view finds all of these services

I'm not passing the buck as far as doing it in p2, but it does make sense that anyone interested in investigating this problem should try to build it so that any plug-in using remote communication could make use vs. putting p2 assumptions in it.


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Susan Franklin McCourt wrote:
> <stuff deleted>
> > - User interface for configuring/pausing/resuming/managing downloads
> Do you mean something at the ECF level? Or in p2?
Open question about where it ultimately belongs.  We (ECF) would like to
have more/better UI support for configuring/pausing/resuming/managing
multi-threaded downloads, and such UI could be applicable to multiple
environs (e.g. RCP, Eclipse, p2 admin, etc).  So that might argue for
finding a home for it in ECF.  But p2 (eclipse and admin) is the initial


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