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Re: [equinox-dev] [prov] Participation opportunity

Pascal Rapicault wrote:

This is really great news! I'm really happy to see your involvement.
Please post on the mailing list or in bug reports for more specific details
on what you can / want to do.

We would like to help out in the following areas:

1. Enabling digest management so that all copies can be safely verified.
2. Dynamic mirroring, i.e. support the repository view that in real life is a network of repositories, backing each other on demand.
3. Repository discovery aiding in building such a network automatically.
4. Parallel, partial downloads from multiple mirrors.
5. Federations of meta-data repositories.

I didn't find any specific bugs that I could comment on (perhaps I didn't look close enough) and I didn't want to enter new ones at this stage. I think there's a need to elaborate and bounce the ideas around a bit more first.

How does this sound?

- thomas