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[equinox-dev] [prov] build contribution

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 176872. [prov] Fragment not refreshed properly by the configurator
+ Bug 199579. [prov] fix up the RCP product config.ini template (FIXED)
+ Bug 203111. [prov] Review usage of the AgentLocation (FIXED)
+ Bug 212334. [prov] Support checking of profile lastmodified before
Engine.perform (FIXED)
+ Bug 212335. [prov] parent profiles, engine locking, and removal (FIXED)
+ Bug 212461. [prov] [ui] - admin UI creates duplicate category nodes after
adding a repo from end user UI (FIXED)
+ Bug 215914. [prov] Enabling / disabling old update UI (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 217190. [prov] fragment IUs getting attached to wrong hosts? (FIXED)
+ Bug 217272. [prov] [ui] Need to prompt user when it is about installing a
feature with install handlers (NEW)
+ Bug 217748. [prov] [ui] Duplicate Categories in User UI (FIXED)
+ Bug 217927. [prov] [ui] Update provisioning plan should be computed
before showing popup (FIXED)
+ Bug 218623. [prov] Generation of product IU from product file (NEW)
+ Bug 218649. [prov] Read existing config.ini for Product IU (NEW)
+ Bug 219214. [prov] consider adding / moving some queries (NEW)
+ Bug 219224. [prov] Sizing phase commits the profile (FIXED)
+ Bug 219501. [prov] UninstallAction provides a null profile ID (FIXED)
+ Bug 219825. [prov] [ui] - Handling of uncategorized IU's across multiple
repos (FIXED)
+ Bug 219862. [prov] PDE should start simpleconfigurator when in launch
config (NEW)