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Re: [equinox-dev] [prov] Comments on wiki "Equinox p2 Shared Install Plan"

I am going to add a supplement document to the plan document today. Actually, I think our approaches may actually line up more than either of us thought. I will attempt to make that clear in supplement. I think the exchange between Andrew and I was productive and cleared up a few things.

Jeff wrote:
Hey James, this is alot of good information. Would you have a chance to update the shared install scenarios document to highlight some of the points? My gut feeling from reading your comments is that most of what you suggest is do-able wrt the underlying infrastructure but the current context is driving Andrew et al to express things in a different way (that may or may not line up with your situations).

Andrew, can you point James to the best place to capture the scenario information and integrate it with the other doc you have?