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Re: AW: [equinox-dev] security in Equinox

Hi Tilo and all,

Jan Rellermeyer (the r-osgi project lead) is in the process of contributing r-osgi to ECF, as an implementation of the ECF remote services API:


and jSLP as an implementation of the ECF discovery API:


r-OSGi does use/support SSL-based transport for remote services, and so the ECF provider plugin based upon r-OSGi will naturally also support using SSL.

Further, several of the existing ECF providers for remote services already support SSL-based transports (e.g. JMS impls:  ActiveMQ-JMS, Weblogic-JMS, XMPP, ECF generic...using same method of ssl socket factory as r-OSGi does).

So soon (Ganymede) r-OSGi based remote services will be included with ECF itself...FWIW.

And we're looking forward to integrating with the Equinox security work described/pointed to by Oleg Besedin.


Tilo Gau wrote:

there is a project for OSGi remote communication named R-OSGi on sourceforge.net (r-osgi.sourceforge.net). It builds on a TCP connection via simple Java sockets. You can quite easy build and integrate your own Factory for a SSL TCP connection (see http://www.exampledepot.com/egs/javax.net.ssl/Server.html?l=rel)

Best regards,

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Can you tell me if Equinox has right now a user authentication mechanism,
and it's able to handle with a secured layer (SSL integration)?


Thank you for your attention,



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