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[equinox-dev] [prov] User-based filtering of installed software

I see shared install (meaning shared config area) and user specific
software are somewhat opposite to each others, since if you are creating a
shared install you are not in a position to know which users will connect
to it (at least at management time). This also relates to one of Andrew's
concern where the while updating the shared profile, the agent can't assume
that it will be able to modify the profiles pointing because of permission
limitations and/or inability to mount the drive.

Rather than passing random tokens to the repository, I would rather have
the repo object query the environment in which it is to pull the data it
The other thing that would be necessary is the ability to limit the
visibility of repositories to a given "profile", since currently
repositories are global.

<tangent id="2">
While probably not where you were going with this one, mentioning per-user
operations reminded me of another flow we were planning to support in Maya
where some software would only be available to certain users.  If we were
using user-aware repositories as part of the resolution process, would we
do the filtering inside the repository?  If so, how would we handle this in
a multi-user scenario especially when a director/planner is being used
server-side?  Ideally I'd like the flexibility of filtering which software
is available to which user, but currently the implementation / APIs do not
allow passing of any handle or request-identifier to the repositories to
aide in determining which software is available.  Thoughts?