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[equinox-dev] Re: System and context class loaders

"Steven E. Harris" <seh@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Does the osgi.frameworkParentClassloader property mentioned above
> play into a possible solution?

I found that setting the osgi.parentClassloader property to either
"current" or "app" made my logging initializer class visible to the
LogManager's class loading procedure. Leaving the
osgi.parentClassloader property empty or setting it to "ext" didn't
work. I didn't have to specify an "extension" parameter to my
Fragment-Host header, and I didn't have to export my class from my
fragment bundle.

However, I'm still stumbling around here, and I'm not sure what the
consequences are of setting this osgi.parentClassloader property. For
instance, should I be setting osgi.frameworkParentClassloader instead?

I also found this "Context Class Loader Enhancements" document¹ that
discusses this class loading problem and mentions how the Context
Finder class can help to solve it. Do I have to do something explicit
to make use of the Context Finder?

¹ http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/Context_Class_Loader_Enhancements

Steven E. Harris