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[equinox-dev] Re: System and context class loaders

"Steven E. Harris" <seh@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I found that setting the osgi.parentClassloader property to either
> "current" or "app" made my logging initializer class visible to the
> LogManager's class loading procedure. Leaving the
> osgi.parentClassloader property empty or setting it to "ext" didn't
> work.

However, if I set the osgi.parentClassloader property to anything
other than "boot" (or empty) or "ext", my hookconfigurators.properties
files are no longer read in my framework extension bundles, or perhaps
those files are read but the bundles themselves don't wind up on the
class path.

                            osgi.parentClassloader property
                            boot  ext  app  current

logging class found         N     N    Y    Y
hook configurators found    Y     Y    N    N

Is there some way to get both to work?

Steven E. Harris