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[equinox-dev] ProSyst contribution

Hi Jeff,

Following our conversation at EclipseCon we finalized the ideas for a
possible initial ProSyst contribution to Equinox. We could donate the
following OSGi services, which do not have a full Equinox
implementation yet:

1. Initial Provisioning
2. IO Connector Service Specification
3. Wire Admin Service Specification
4. Configuration Admin Service Specification
5. Declarative Services Specification

We can provide working implementations with packages in the Equinox
namespace comparatively fast but removing the dependencies on some
ProSyst util classes will take more time.

The developers who will be responsible for this work are Pavlin Dobrev
and Teodor Todorov. Both of them are involved with ProSyst OSGi
implementation and participate in the OSGi EG. I think it makes sense
to add them as Equinox committers.

Please let me know if you support the suggested approach.

Best regards,