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[equinox-dev] Package access across plug-ins...


I'm still working on the Unit testing application described in an e-mail yesterday. I am splitting my plug-ins so that test code is not with application code.

When I run the tests thru the "Run As -> JUnit Test", it works fine. When I right click it and do "Run as JUnit Test Plug-in", I get an error when I attempt to access anything that is "protected" or "package protected" scope? I have several API's that expose calls to be used for testing as protected or package level scope.

It appears that Fragments would solve this problem, but I'd like to have one test plug-in for a number of plug-ins. So I don't think I'd have access to all of the various tests unless I could have many hosts for the fragment (I don't believe that's possible). I was curious if there is a way to to give the plug-in org.foo.test access so that it can access org.foo protected constructors and package protected scope objects. When the code is all in a single plug-in it appears to work fine.

If this is an inappropriate list, a pointer to the correct list would be useful.


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