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RE: [equinox-dev] Problems starting the PdeFrameworkLauncher

Hi Peter,

This sounds like a piece of PDE-UI's EquinoxLaunchConfiguration so, you
might try asking on that list, but even then I'm not sure that's right.
Although the namespace is PDE's I think this is still John's work and
isn't contributed.(yet?)

You shold probably check with him first.


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> Subject: [equinox-dev] Problems starting the PdeFrameworkLauncher
> Hi gang,
> trying to start the PdeFrameworkLauncher for testing the 
> servlet bridge with Tomcat on Linux, after changing according 
> to John Wilsons bug fix advise for Linux to public void init() {
>                String progArgs =
> System.getProperty("org.eclipse.pde.http.programArgs.file");
>                if (progArgs == null) {
>                        progArgs = new
> File(System.getProperty("java.io.tmpdir") + "/", 
> "equinoxProg.args").toString();
>                }
> I still have the problem that I don't know what the 
> /tmp/equinoxProg.args file is supposed to contain. Is there 
> any example of it anywhere? If it doesn't exist I get a 
> IOException and the whole thing fails to start.
> Cheers
> /peter
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