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Re: [equinox-dev] Declarative Services vs Spring

On Thursday 02 March 2006 23:22, Hawkins, Joel wrote:
> From my reading of it, the intent was to
> institute the OSGi-R4 base. Is that the case, or will it attempt to extend
> the standard. Perhaps standardizing OSGi in the JCP and unifying the OSGi
> and Spring visions is a bit ambitious for a single JSR. And of course it
> would break the symmetry between 291 and 232...

My motivation of being part of 291, is for it to be the starting point of a 
thread of JSRs over time, which needs OSGi as its base platform, delivering 
an extendable and dynamic platform, possibly challenging and complementing 
the static nature of JEE applications.
There is still a political question within th JCP EC, whether this will fly 
since a lot of JEE investments could be perceived being threatened. Time will