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RE: [equinox-dev] Roadmap?

Yes, I do like the delayed activation part of DS.  Here are some issues
I have with DS (since you asked - didn't you?  ;-)

I would like to be able to have a POJO that uses a service which gets
injected.  While I think that with DS I can declare a class that the DS
would instantiate, what I want is something more dynamic.  I want to be
able to have my own class (that I instantiated myself in whatever way)
declare that it wants a service (e.g. "com.acme.Foo") injected into it.
This class would *not* be under the lifecycle control of DS, but would
still be getting the dependent service injected into it appropriately as
the class is available in the OSGi framework.

In my mind I have been calling such a facility "Dynamic DS" or DDS for
short.  It would be a service or a class with static methods that had
methods like the following:

 * This method would call the setter on the object when the appropriate
 * service becomes "available", but objectToInject is *not* under the
 * specific control of the DS framework
 * Note:  There are likely other "registerDependency" verbs that specify
 * all the options available in the DS configuration file and OSGi
 * service filters
 * @param serviceName The name of the service I would like to depend on
 * @param setterName The name of the setter - a public void method that
 *    takes the type as the argument
 * @param objectToInject The object (not under the control of DS) to
 *    "inject"
public static void registerDependency(String serviceName, String
setterName, Object objectToInject) throws WhateverException;

 * This method removes the dependency, for when the object is done
 * the service.
public static void unregisterDependency(String serviceName, Object
objectToInject) throws WhateverException;

Obviously, the above is pseudo-code and I wouldn't mind having the
"registerDependency" return some form of object that can be used to
unregister the dependency later.  I also wouldn't mind having the
registerDependency take some form of other object (e.g. BundleContext)
that it might need in order to make it work in OSGi.  (However, one of
the design goals I have is to make any OSGi specific imports not
visible, so I would almost prefer some sort of wrapper or even
name-based mechanism).

The basic idea is that independent object can register for injection
dynamically, and would not have to muck about in the OSGi API in order
to do service tracking or the like.

Or perhaps there is already a way to do this with the current DS?  I
looked at the spec and the API, but it is possible I missed something?
Thanks for helping me understand this a bit more.

And of course, I still need the DS like yesterday ;-).

Anyway, have a nice day.

John Wells (Aziz)
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IBM is in the process of preparing a contribution of a Declarative 
Services implementation (among other selected services). Stay tuned...

I would have to say Declarative Service is the best to use. But in the 
interest of full disclosure, I was the designer of Declarative Services 
:-) I am also not very familiar with GBeans. But DS does fully integrate

with the OSGi service model and has certain desirable performance 
characteristics such as delayed activation.

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[equinox-dev] Roadmap?

Is there a roadmap for Equinox, especially where it concerns the 
compendium services of r4?  In particular, I am interested in using the 
Declarative Services Specification?
I have been looking around to see if I could find information about it 
(dss), but haven?t found anything other than a handful of mail in the 
archive.  In particular, I need to have a good idea when (if) dss is
to be implemented.  I?ve even considered just implementing that part of 
the specification myself in order to get it quicker.
Both DSS and GBeans are IoC frameworks.  Does anyone have any opinions
which are easier to use? Better?  Any pros/cons?
John Wells (Aziz)
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