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Re[4]: [equinox-dev] OBR2

Good idea, but I assume it can be used to generate the meta data?

I think this is an example where the generic requirements capability
model shines. We will have lots of dependencies that need to be
modeled. Modeling them semantically in the repo format will make the
repo format a major spec work undertaking.

Kind regards,

     Peter Kriens

TW> Can we use SCR's component XML definition for service
TW> dependancies?  Even if the bundle does not use SCR directly can we
TW> still use this schema to define service dependancies?  I would not
TW> want to define a whole new schema for this.

TW> Richard, are you subsribed the the equinox-dev mailing list?
TW>  If not, please do so we don't have to keep cc'ing you on the
TW> mails :)

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TW> equinox-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 09/23/2005 08:34:11 AM:

 >> Agree ... if it is not in the manifest, we can't generate it. But it
 >> is nice to populate a repo with only the data from the manifests and
 >> get reasonable results.
 >> Kind regards,
 >>      Peter Kriens
 >> RSH> Peter Kriens wrote:
 >> >>It absolutely MUST be possible to generate the metadata from the
 >> >>manifest.
 >> >>  
 >> >>
 >> RSH> Well, it is not possible given the current state of bundle manifests to
 >> RSH> generate all repository metadata. For example, there is no way to
 >> RSH> generate service dependencies.
 >> RSH> If someone invents a new capability/requirement pair, there will be no
 >> RSH> way to generate it either.
 >> RSH> For the standard package/module-related stuff, we can generate them from
 >> RSH> the manifest.
 >> ->> richard
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