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Re: [equinox-dev] Bundle directories

Peter Kriens wrote:

Federated - We do not want to physically host the bundles and cause
some bottleneck in updating. From the OSGi web site it should be
possible to detect any authorized repository. Then again, we want a
single access point for convenience, though many repositories can

This is essentially OBR's approach; however, there is no "detection"...

Authentication - I think it will be necessary that the repository
gets a chance to authenticate the caller. We discussed to put
commercial bundles in there that probably will have a restricted
license. It would be nice if this was based on PKI, but I guess passwd
authentication should suffice and is easier. Authentication should be

Sure, I guess.

Distributions - Should be possible to get the source of a bundle, if

This is also provided by OBR and was one of the main points behind OBR, since I wanted to make the contributions of bundle developers more visible.

Client agnostic - The server should allow for many different clients.
Clients should not be restricted. E.g. a client should be able to keep
a cache or local repository.

I would still argue for no server at all, since it raises the cost of entry.

-> richard