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[equinox-dev] Re: New area in Equinox and vote request


Richard Wilson
Architect Workplace Client Platform
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Jeff McAffer <Jeff_McAffer@xxxxxxxxxx>
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07/15/2004 01:11 PM
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[equinox-dev] New area in Equinox and vote request

We are starting a new work item in Equinox, "Framework Layering".  The aim
of this work is to separate out a fairly general purpose module layer out
of the OSGi framework which supports interface sharing by specification
version, as defined in OSGi R3, as well as class sharing by implementation
version, as supported in Eclipse 3.0. This separation allows for more
flexibility in the use scenarios for OSGi framework implementations.  This
layering is being discussed in the OSGi Core Platform Expert Group and the
intention is to feed the practical experience gained in Equinox into the
CPEG work.

The module layer will accommodate both forms of sharing mentioned above as
well as some other useful sharing techniques. A key objective is to enable
module reachability to be analysed so that class loaders may be
automatically wired together in a delegation network so as to prevent
certain varieties of class cast exceptions which are common when more than
one version of a given class are loaded in a single JVM.

To that end, we have two volunteers to work in this area.  Glyn Normington
and Steve Poole.  I am proposing them to the community as Equinox
committers.  Since this is a new area of work there really is not an
existing body of code on which Glyn and Steve can "prove themselves" in
the normal contributor way.  It is however important that they be able to
work freely and efficiently in an Equinox branch dedicated to Framework

I have worked with Glyn over the past year in this area and trust that his
contributions will be both real and significant.  Please join me in voting
+1 for making Glyn and Steve committers.