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[equinox-dev] moving equinox bugs

As outlined earlier, we are moving the Equinox bugs to the main Platform product in Bugzilla.  In particular, to the newly created Platform Runtime component.  We want to move all the open Equinox bugs (72 of them) to Runtime and tag them with the appropriate [tag] in the summary field.  In general the tag will be one of

[osgi] = everthing related to the framework, adaptor, Main, ...
[registry] = everything related to the registry
[other] = other stuff like core tools etc.

Over the course of the next couple days, Equinox committers should look at the bugs and start moving and annotating them accordingly.  This is also an opportunity to update the bugs and perhaps close some that are stale.  

All new bugs should be reported to Platform > Runtime and annotated appropriately.

Note also that going forward we want to start being more rigorous about the bug lifecycle and use the New and Assigned states as well as ownership to better indicate/track the state of the bugs.  I suspect that all the bugs moved from Equinox should end up being marked as Assigned.

People who have been listening to the equinox-inbox user should now listen to the platform-runtime-inbox user.

On a separate but related note, people interested in runtime developments should probably subscribe to the platform-core-dev mailing list as that will be the home of future Eclipse OSGi/Runtime product development discussions.  Equinox will continue to host interesting runtime related investigation so feel free to stay tuned here...