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[equinox-dev] RC1 and beyond

Today is RC1 and we have made our final build input. According to the
end-game plan, for RC2 all changes need component lead approval (DJ or Jeff
as appropriate) and an associated bug report. For code to be releasable it
must be "done". (see DJ or Jeff if you don't know what "done" means or want
to listen to us rant)

We are putting together a test plan which will be posted to our web space.
A reminder that the first couple of days of the RC2 cycle are dedicated
test days. We should be focused on testing and not fixing bugs during this

HEAD should be stable through the RC2 cycle so do not release any code to
HEAD without approval, a bug report, and testing. It will be assumed that
we can version HEAD at any point to submit to a candidate RC2 build.