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[epp-dev] Configuring package to use Java 6 by default

For the mobile package, specifically for Android projects, the Java
compliance level needs to be 1.6. For reasons that I haven't been able
to isolate, some times when testing, I create a new sample project in
a new workspace and I get an error. When I look in the project
properties, the Java Compiler compliance is set to 1.5. While 1.5 will
work for some Android apps, the typical behavior should be for that
setting to be 1.6.

Is this a setting that I can manipulate as the package maintainer? I
know I can configure settings for the runtime environment, but I'm
confused about the settings I can manipulate for the components within
the package.


Eric Cloninger (ericc@xxxxxxxxxxxx)
Product Line Manager, MOTODEV Tools
Eclipse Sequoyah Project Lead