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[epf-dev] Role Image Bug in EPF

Title: Role Image Bug in EPF

Hello all,

We've discovered what appears to be a bug in EPF. When we publish as a Java EE web application in a WAR file, the resultant site seems to be missing the role image in the tree browser. It is being composed on Windows XP but deployed on a Unix server.

After further exploration, we found that the site is looking for 'role.gif' (non-capitalised) as the parent image and 'Role.gif' (capitalised) for the children, from the same folder. On Windows, these cannot co-exist in the same folder since they (effectively) have the same name, so one must be superceding the other when the site is compiled. This also seems to be an issue on OpenUP (http://epf.eclipse.org/wikis/openup/index.htm).

Puzzlingly this does not seem to affect our publishing of a static web site.

Has anyone else experienced this behaviour? Can anyone reproduce it? I would just like to check that we haven't got something obvious wrong in our setup, then I will report it formally as a Bugzilla.


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