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[epf-dev] Meeting Minutes for EPF meeting (5/12), 8:00 AM (PST)

Meeting Minutes

Attendees:  Carson Holmes, Bob Palank, Gunter Seidl, Colin Oneil, Bruce MacIsaac, Ricardo Balduino, Chris Sibbald, John Allan


1-  Latest discussion on OMG, SPEM, SEMAT, and EPF

- RFP is ignoring SPEM - no need to have different efforts going on under OMG
- EPF submitted a response; IBM also positioned how it is building its method offering on top of EPF
- We invite others that participate in OMG to submit their opinion (need to be a member to post or post anonymously, but you may not be able to read responses); Bruce can post it for you if you want to send in your comments
- Carson sent Bruce more info about SEMAT - there is more in the works besides this proposal to OMG; the SEMAT material has much more substance than the submission to OMG (3 year vision) - 10 or so universals are being considered in the proposal
- Question: what is SEMAT offering that is not in the SWEBOK?  Needs to be investigated when new SWEBOK is published.

2- EPF Release in June

- Release Plan is available at [1]
- The current list of bugs (for content work) is available at [2]
- We encourage you to look at the open issues and contribute with your comments, or if you feel like assigning yourself to solve the issue, please do so.
- This next release will be a bug fix only type, so no formal review with Eclipse is expected. We will post release notes and make content/tool bits available for download around June 30.

3- OpenUP with Scrum management practices provided by Colin Oneil (first draft)

- Needs some refining - Bruce posted review comments
- Assuming this next release is bug fix only, we may need to work with Eclipse (legal review); Bruce and Ricardo to discuss the options, maybe make content available only in Bugzilla at this time and prepare to officially release it next time.

4- Webinars - potential topics:

- Colin's work on Scrum practices
- IBM courses around RMC - Bruce could offer a short training course on EPF practices authoring
- Bruce/Ricardo could show some of what IBM is doing on the Jazz environment - importing libraries from RMC into Jazz for consumption / enactment
- Bob Palank contacted SWEBOK people - new release will be out this year - maybe they could give us a preview? Bob to contact them again.

- There was indication from others on the call that Colin's presentation on his work with Scrum practices would be helpful to others also building content in EPF; Colin agreed to present - pushing webinar to Jun 16 due to some participants being attending conference on second week of June.

5- Other topics:

- Would SWEBOK group be interested in putting their content into EPF format? That could give companies a chance to customize the content for their needs, etc. Chris and Bob will look around to gauge that group's interest.

Best Regards,

Ricardo Balduino / Bruce MacIsaac
EPF Co-leads

[1] http://www.eclipse.org/projects/project-plan.php?projectid=technology.epf

[2] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/buglist.cgi?classification=Technology&component=Content&product=EPF&query_format=advanced&target_milestone=