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Re: [epf-dev] Monthly EPF call (Thursday, 1/13, 8:00AM PDT)

Minutes from this meeting are here:

Bruce MacIsaac
Manager RMC Method Content
408-250-3037 (cell)

From: Bruce Macisaac/Cupertino/IBM@IBMUS
To: Eclipse Process Framework Project Developers List <epf-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 01/09/2011 01:37 PM
Subject: [epf-dev] Monthly EPF call (Thursday, 1/13, 8:00AM PDT)
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Happy New Year EPF community!

We will kick off our first EPF call of the year on Thursday, Jan 13, 8:00AM PDT.

Agenda items are:

1. Discuss webinar series
At the last meeting, we proposed having regular webinars to help build the EPF community.  
We were tentatively planning on running the webinars every second month in-lieu of the EPF project status/planning call (same time slot to try and maximize attendance at both meeting types). Candidate topics include:
- Overview of SEMAT and how it fits with EPF
- Migrating from RUP to Practices and Lessons learned from refactoring
- Hybrid planning (combining traditional and agile planning techniques)
We'd like to hear what topics you might be interested in hearing or giving.
Also how to promote this series to maximize attendance.
       - Could they be recorded and linked from the EPF website?
       - Promote via IBM forums? Other communities?

2. Plan for next EPF release

Tentative dates for releases - June and Nov.

Some ideas already discussed for the next release:
- Scrum/Lean
- Positioning relative to SEMAT
- Updated enablement materials
       - OpenUP Course
       - Tutorial
- Tool mentors for Eclipse tools
- Embedded software development practices
- Copyedit
- Translation support
- Outreach:
       - Leverage social networking sites?
       - Success stories
       - Add rating/comment widget to the EPF page

For details on the conference call (web and phone) please visit Google calendar:


Bruce MacIsaac
Manager RMC Method Content
408-250-3037 (cell)

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