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[epf-dev] EPF Wiki User Guide


I have created a first version of the EPF Wiki User Guide on Eclipsepedia.


It still needs some work but I think  it covers all the basics and I also included some more advanced how to that you might find interesting:

-          how to create a Task step

-          how to automate deployments, which is nice if you do frequent updates

-          how to integrate with a LDAP server

Automating deployments and LDAP integration might require some tinkering so this is not for everyone but if you really want it I will be glad to help you set it up where I can.


So now there are three guides on EPF Wiki Guides on Eclipsepedia:

-          EPF Wiki Installation Guide (for Windows)

-          EPF Wiki Development Guide

-          And of course the new EPF Wiki User Guide


Thanks and Regards,



Onno van der Straaten

EPF Project (http://www.eclipse.org/epf)

Logica (http://www.logica.com)



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Thank you Onno, your little walk through of how to set up Instant Rails 2 for EPF Wiki is very useful. I hope a full User Guide is in the works... this might provide a starting point.

Best regards Kristian

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