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Re: [epf-dev] RE: OpenUP course material - work in progress

I was watching Project Earth just the other day and I think the Mangrove plant may be a good metaphor and one with a green tie-in, see Mangrove.  One problem is that a Mangrove is difficult to draw however, it's flower is very simple


On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 8:09 PM, Ana Paula Valente Pereira <apereira@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
As an example just check the idea of growth and lego in tis picture: 


On Fri, Sep 5, 2008 at 1:04 AM, Ana Paula Valente Pereira <apereira@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
What about something like Lego  building blocks? ... the Agile kernel can be represented as a board ...and you can always add extra sets of bricks representing other practices  (open source or not) ...  I always liked the inital EPF slides  that had an image representing a similar concept for the EPF plug-ins


On Fri, Sep 5, 2008 at 12:44 AM, Steve Adolph <steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I strongly think the metaphor must capture growth. While  swiss army knife
has many options, it comes complete and unchangeable from the factory. A
tree, a flower, grows and changes to meet the changing demands of its
environment otherwise it dies.

best regards,

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how about a Swiss knife?
small - simple - use what you need .
not sure about add-ons though ... hmmm


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I agree the metaphor isn't perfect. It started when I tried to draw some
kind of "hub and spoke" diagram and then played with the petal design. The
apeal of the flower is a flower is natural, simple, and beautiful. It also
captures a little of the world's mood moving away from mechanisms and
re-connecting with nature and the environment.  A tree could be a strong
contender because not only does it grow and branch out, but it also can be
pruned as old branches die (or rot and fall on your neighbour's car as the
one in front of our house did last week).

We need a really strong evocotive diagram and symbol for EPF and OpenUp.
RUP's bump diagram is iconic and captures the essence of RUP. What we need
is a diagram that really captures the essence of EPF and OpenUP. For me the
essence is a process that grows, adapts and is shaped by its users. A flower
or a tree diagram of some kind could capture this. Also we can use a
stylized flower or tree to represent the product itself, or stand as a logo
for EPF. Just my thoughts.

best regards,


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Hi Steve,

I like the idea of the flower petal, as it is visually appealing and petals
suggests things that are loosely connected and can be easily stripped off.
The metaphor isn't perfect, as you don't add petals as needed, but maybe you
can with plastic flowers :-)
I've been playing with other metaphors like lego blocks, branches with
leaves, a plant with "roots" of core practices, and sprouting other

Bruce MacIsaac
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"Steve Adolph" <steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

09/02/2008 09:56 AM


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OpenUP course material  - work in progress

Hi Guys:

I submitted this to the EPF mailing list yesterday, but it was blocked
because the attachment is a little large. This is something I am starting
work on and I would love your feedback, especially the "flower petal" model.

best regards,

From: Steve Adolph [mailto:steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
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Subject: OpenUP course material - work in progress

Hello Everyone:

First a caveat, the attached slides represent an early working in progress,
but I want some feedback before I get in too deep.

I'm starting to create a new series of training courses based on OpenUP.
Attached is an extract of a few slides from one of the new courses in which
I begin to describe OpenUP. I am characterizing OpenUP using what I
currently refering to as the"flower petal" model. The iris of the flower is
the EPF Agile Kernel and OpenUP are the petals enhance the core to handle
projects which do not fit in the so called agile "sweet spot".  The EPF
practice library is presented as a tool box from which we can draw practices
to enhance the agile kernel The metaphors of flower petals and tool boxes is
a little disjoint - I know, this is a work in progress after all.

While I am creating a new set of courses for WSA, I want to donate some of
the material to EPF - specifically the description of EPF and what it is all
about. The message I want to create is EPF starts with an Agile Kernel and
then depending on the risk profile/needs of your project you begin to add
practices to the kernel. This is why you see references to "constructing" a
process. I try to emphasize how EPF processes are "built -up" from the
practice library by contrasting OpenUP with RUP, where you "tailor-down" or
"sculpt" RUP to create your project's process.

Ok so where am I going with this? I looking for your feedback on this vision
of EPF, the EPF agile kernel and OpenUP. For example, does the flower petal
diagram resonate with you? Should this be the symbol for OpenUP (perhaps
someone with a little more artistic talent can stylize it). Does it capture
what you believe to be the driving ideas behind the EPF Agile Kernel and the
EPF practice library?  If I am going to donate part of this to EPF, then I
am hoping that most of us have a similar vision of what EPF is about. All of
us will be developing courses about OpenUP and EPF and I am hoping we can
create a consistent message about EPF and OpenUP. For example, this is part
of a new course I call "The Agile Business Analyst" which course describes
the role of a BA in an agile environment. I am using the Analyst role from
OpenUP to describe the practices a BA should follow in an Agile environment.
The course will of course have proprietary material ( I need some
comparitive advantage) but also I am hoping built around the common message
of what EPF and OpenUP are.

Anyways, please let me know what you think....

best regards,
Steve Adolph[attachment "OpenUP description.pdf" deleted by Bruce

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