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[epf-dev] New EPF Scrum Plugin

The official announcement will be coming but I just wanted to let everyone know that our new Scrum plugin (English version) has been approved by Eclipse legal and we managed to get it into the 1.5 release at the 23rd hour. 

The Wiki rendition of the new plugin is at http://epf.eclipse.org/wikis/scrum/.  Other flavors are available at http://www.eclipse.org/epf/ 

Thanks to Kevin Puscas and Greg Gurley for helping me get this thing started.  A huge thanks to Mike Cohn for his kind permission to use content from Mountain Goat Software.  Thanks also to Petri Heiramo and Clay Ver Valen for donating valuable backlog/burndown templates. 

Long before Web 2.0 one of the cornerstones of the eclipse and agile communities is their openness to sharing knowledge and the willingness to bring others into the body of the community so many thanks to everyone for embracing and living by those tenets.


Ken Clyne