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[epf-dev] Suggested agenda for Vancouver F2F

Hi Guys:


I just threw an agenda together as a starting point. I suggest we have two working sessions and use tomorrow afternoon for outreach and success stories. If we leave these topics to Friday morning, then it is likely they will not get addressed.



Suggested Agenda for Vancouver F2F:


Wednesday (afternoon)

Weclome and agenda setting


Status Assessment

                An honest assessment of where we are with respect to achieving the 1.5 release.


Action Plan

                Develop realistic goals for 1.5 release and a plan of action for reaching those goals.


Thursday (morning)

Working Session (1)


Thursday (Afternoon)


                Agile 2008????!!!

                Book? - Agile Grows UP


                Certification program?




Success Stories

                Nate Oster (presentation)

                Steve Adolph (white paper, verbal briefing)


Friday (morning)

Working Session(2)