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RE: [epf-dev] [Wiki] How to Reference Uploaded Images

Hi Lyndon,
From the list of uploaded images (http://www.epfwiki.net/uploads/) you can click 'activate'. This will open an image in the browser and show the URL, for instance http://www.epfwiki.net/uploads/2.jpg
This URL you copy paste into the dialog box for inserting an image, or hyperlinking an image in the TinyMCE HTML Editor.
Selecting your images from a drop down box or something in TinyMCE HTML Editor is on the back log ;).
BTW, it is Onno, not Ono!

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Subject: [epf-dev] [Wiki] How to Reference Uploaded Images

Hi All (primarily Ono) :)

I uploaded a translated image for the Scrum wiki, and was wondering how I can reference the uploaded image in the content page?

Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide me.


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