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RE: [epf-dev] Notes from PM call today

Hi All,


I have completed my review of the PM Content that we discussed during last week’s call.  Here is a list of the bugs that I reviewed – my comments are attached directly to the bugs -


PM - Concept: Milestones - Add content

PM - Guideline: Risk List - update content

PM - Concept: Risk Management- update content


PM - Add new Work Product: Risk List

PM - Template: Risk List - create

PM - Checklist: Risk List - create


PM - Task: Plan Iteration - review content



PM - Work Product: Iteration Plan - update content



PM - Work Product: Work Item List



PM - Add Content: Guideline: Work Item List



PM - Concept: Iteration - update content



PM - Guideline: Iteration Planning - update content






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Hi folks, this is what I captured during our PM call today. Joe Krebs will also post the feedback he got during meeting.

Per Kroll, Kurt Sand, Joe Krebs, Russell Pannone, Ricardo Balduino

  • Revisited Task Plan the Project. Comments previously done by Ricardo were addressed by Joe.

        Decision: Joe will send out a revised version of this task for additional feedback.

        (suggestion - not discussed during call, but my interpretation) Joe/Chris to move this Bugzilla entry to 'Verified', as first round of review occurred

Feedback to the risk related items by Joe Krebs

  • Concept Milestone: - PM uses the term Milestone also between iterations..."Any" checkpoint.

        Decision: Ricardo to revisit concept page to include discussion around intermediate milestones

  • Template Risk-List: - suggested a phase column, so that risks can be assigned to a specific phase. For example, architectural risk -> Elaboration.

        Discussion: iterations guide execution, better if we'd assign to an iteration
        Decision: no need for a column because you don't assign the risk to an iteration (or phase), but the mitigation of a risk is addressed during an iteration; objectives for iteration (in iteration plan) could say which risks are being addressed in that iteration, and tasks will delineate what actions (mitigation) to be performed by who.

  • Checklist Risk:   How to address:

                - Risk Ambiguity
        - Risk Inter-Dependency
        Decision: these topics should be introduced in a guideline or concept page first, then reinforced in checklist.
        Ricardo to revisit risk related guidance to see where those definitions fit.

More actions:
- Volunteers to review attachments in bugs using Word tracking feature and attaching commented doc back to the corresponding Bugzilla entry.
- Kurt Sand volunteered to review list of PM bugs (text written by Per and Ricardo) by mid next week
- Next PM call (one week from today) should effectively focus on comments posted by reviewers and allow us to move bugs to 'Verified' state.

Participants, please add/modify anything I may have missed/misinterpreted.


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